Once again Brewdog has put their paw in their muzzle, so we sent co-host/correspondent Katie all the way to Scotland to grab some beers to share with ...View Details

Steve and Adam travel to the North Side of Pittsburgh to visit 412 Brewery. They sit down with co-owner and professional wrestler Happy Hour Adam Zane...View Details

Katie and Kelsey finally reunite in person with Adam and Steve at the Hop Nation USA Recording Studios of Excellence (Adam's Dining Room.) They celebr...View Details

The first in-person brewery show in 69 (nice) episodes is at Lincoln Avenue Brewery in the heart of Bellevue, PA. Steve and Adam sit down brewery owne...View Details

This week Scott Smith of East End Brewing and The Pittsburgh Brewers Guild joins Adam, returning from vacation, and Steve, who goes nowhere, on the po...View Details

Adam's on vacation so Steve assembles the Avengers of Beer Podcast Guest Hosts with First Sip's Dennis, and duo Kasey (Katie/Kelsey.) This week they t...View Details

Yes you read the title correctly, Pittsburgh legend, sandwich aficionado, documentary filmmaker Rick Sebak joins Steve and Adam for a sit down intervi...View Details

New guest to the show Chrissy Smyth joins Adam and Steve to talk about one of the first beerfest events in the post-pandamania. She's organizer for th...View Details

NON. ZOOM. EPISODE. We're back in person, bay bay. It's Katie, Steve and Adam together in the same room ... and they waste their opportunity talking a...View Details

This week HNUSA is Decayin' With The Boys as Adam and Matt from the DWTB podcast and Bash Brew homebrewing join Adam in Steve in the Zoomiverse. First...View Details

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