Jason Cercone returns to the Hop Nation USA via Zoom with Steve and Adam. He's the host of the new podcast consulting podcast Pod Theory. This week th...View Details

Katie has returned from deployment, successfully quarantined and brought beers from the U.K. Now it's time for her to Voltron(or Megazord) with Kelsey...View Details

Bill the mind behind the best Twitter resource for Pittsburgh can releases joins Steve and Adam over zoom. He talks about the fomo driving the origins...View Details

Adam is back from vacation and is back in the studio with Steve. This week they're drinking beers beloved by social media and Untappd. First they talk...View Details

This week Kelsey returns and takes over for cohost as Adam is in North Carolina. Steve is still here. Together they interview Aadam Soorma of Very Loc...View Details

Adam and Steve are in studio sharing the bounty of Logyard Brewing. First they talk about Budweiser desperate for attention from the driest state in t...View Details

Matt and Chadd from Breweries in PA join Steve and Adam to talk about the state of beer in Pennsylvania (booooooo) They get into adapting a website pr...View Details

Adam and Steve are in the studio drinking beers from breweries that touch Allegheny County. Local-ish. They have news about Shiner, Aldi, and Hitchhik...View Details

Day Bracey of the Drinking Partners Pod and one of the Founders of Fresh Fest Beer Fest joins Steve and Adam to talk everything Digi Fest coming up Au...View Details

Adam and Steve continue the new normal of one episode in the studio (one off.) This week is the return of the Mysterious Beer Fridge of Mystery. They ...View Details

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