Katie has the hook up on beers from Guam, so Steve and Adam are assisting in the drinking of Guam beers. They make fun of someone throwing a hissy fit...View Details

Kelsey is back from a trip to Arkansas and so she's brought beer from the Natural State for Adam and Steve to try. They talk about Strange Roots' new ...View Details

Yinz remember that game Timesplitters on the Playstation? It was sick as hell. Anyway, Adam and Steve are reviewing lime beers, so that's what the pun...View Details

Steve, Adam and First Sip's Dennis are down on the North Shore of Pittsburgh at the Southern Tier brewpub. They're joined by head brewer Justin Schau ...View Details

Dennis from www.FirstSipBrewBox.com joins Adam and Steve to review patriotic beers for Memorial Day. They talk about Brew Dog bad business practices, ...View Details

Steve and Adam are live on location at the 3rd Annual North Hills Home Brew Fest. They talk to the event organizers and shriners about what makes home...View Details

Adam and Steve go back to the well and focus on wheat beers. They talk about investing in Abjuration, Grist House's 5th year anniversary, Untappd's be...View Details

This week Kasey, which is the amalgam of Katie and Kelsey, joins Steve and Adam to talk about Kentucky beer. First they bullshit about Gillian Jacobs,...View Details

Sam returns bearing gifts of high energy and beer. He joins Steve and Adam as they review beers that are collaborations with entities that AREN'T just...View Details

Field Reporter Katie returns from the nation's capital with samplings of their wares for Adam and Steve to review. They talk about the ending of Game ...View Details

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