Kasey is the combination of Katie and Kelsey, and they're back on the show. Steve and Adam are still on the show. They're all trying beer from Maui Br...View Details

Jason Cercone from BreakingBrews.com returns! Adam and Steve are here, too. They do some Freshfest pregaming, talk about Isuzu creating its own beer t...View Details

Steve, Adam and Firstsipbrewbox.com's Dennis are joined by Enix Brewing's Paul Young. They talk about the first year anniversary of the brewery, upcom...View Details

Sam's back! Steve and Adam still haven't left. Big, hype IPAs and pales are back! Adam is mad. While Adam's palate is offended they all learn about th...View Details

Friend of the show Bryan has brought back beers from North Carolina, so we're doing a North Carolina episode. Bryan joins Steve, Adam and Firstsipbrew...View Details

Kelsey joins Adam and Steve to review some summertime treat beers mimicking ice cream, popsicles and horchata. Steve comes out against Kellogg's and c...View Details

Steve and Dennis of Firstsipbrewbox.com are in the Larimer side of Pittsburgh to visit Cary, Darren and Mike the owners of Couch Brewery. They talk ab...View Details

Adam and Steve give you their summer beer hot takes for three beers. But these might be the beers you wind up drinking summer long. The talk about rui...View Details

Katie has the hook up on beers from Guam, so Steve and Adam are assisting in the drinking of Guam beers. They make fun of someone throwing a hissy fit...View Details

Kelsey is back from a trip to Arkansas and so she's brought beer from the Natural State for Adam and Steve to try. They talk about Strange Roots' new ...View Details

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