Kelsey joins Adam and Steve to review some summertime treat beers mimicking ice cream, popsicles and horchata. Steve comes out against Kellogg's and craft beer patting themselves on the back, Voodoo moves into Ohio, and are Anti-Trust laws the hottest beer trend since lagers? Then it's a mid-2000s history lesson cataloging the early life of beer becoming ice cream and ice cream becoming beer, plus Steve finds Patient Zero in the Milkshake IPA craze. Finally, it's an edition of Beer Fight answering the questions of Adam vs Steve, Cougar Slayer vs Guy on a Buffalo, and more.


Captain Lawrence Soft Swerve Orange Creme Milkshake IPA

Odd Side Ales Prickly Pear Cactus Pineapple Fruitsicle

The Bruery Or Xata Blonde Ale


Music by Summer of Blood

Song: Rotted Fruit


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