It's a full on Adam episode. He finally gets to go deep on his love for cars in honor of the Ford vs Ferrari movie with Christian Bale and Matt I guess NASCAR and NHRA are doing a thing too. Anyway Steve, First Sip Brew Box's Dennis and Tap That Pittsburgh's Bryan are along for the ride. Get it? First lap, they talk about Ab-Inbev buys Craft Brew Alliance, Tactical Ops tells some truth, and Amstel Light is irrelevant. Then Adam gets into the history of the 1966 Le Mans, the basis for the movie, the cars Shelby made to help Henry Ford II take on Enzo Ferrari. Finally, they get into a quiz that shows how truly little any of them know about cars.


Braxton Brewing Garage Beer Premium Lager

Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Black Ale

Headleys Brewing Racetrack Red Ale

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