Steve and Adam are back in the Parkway Theater with the brewers from Abjuration Brewing in McKees Rocks. It's a time for celebration! Not only are we on the cusp of the holidays, but it's the 2nd Anniversary of Abjuration. We talk about their wild second year with expansion through Honeycomb, venturing into new styles and new yeasts. Plus perfecting your skill tree without min-maxing, science stuff, hybrid hops and we find out what they're thankful full. Lastly, we play a game of Would You Rather? with important questions like, "Would you rather all your beers smell like farts or make everyone rate your farts like Untappd?"


Abjuration Brewing American Pale Ale v2.4

Abjuration Brewing Coffee Stout v1.3

Abjuration Brewing Pumpkin Pie Milkshake Ale v1.0

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