Katie has returned from travels down south and has brought beers from the 13th colony, Georgia. Steve and Adam are here for it. First though, they talk about Anderson Valley's new owners, the double death of 3.2; the controversy of New Belgium, Kirin, and genocide, and reindeer boning. Then it's the history of beer in Georgia, including defeating dysentery and why it was one of the worst states for craft beer until 2017. Finally, Katie gets to participate in her first Beerify It! segment (we think) and we try to create the most perfect Georgia beer. Waffle House is involved. This week's title reference is to Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, probably one of the best LucasArts adventure games of the 90s. It featured voice acting, combat and puzzles, multiple endings and more. The game was better than Crystal Skull.  


Second Self Beer Company New Contender El Dorado vs Mosaic IPA

Pontoon Brewing Snozzberries Crumble Berliner Weisse

Three Taverns Brewery Cocoa Cafe Stout

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