We finally put out an actual new episode in 2020, and we pull the South Park Terrance & Philip switch. Katie joins Adam and Steve to try the alternatives to drinking beer. This includes non-alcoholic beer, seltzer and trying beer to make them just quit drinking altogether. They talk about Enix closing, Arsenal opening, Pabst going nautical, and Australia getting saved by sea. Then they try to predict the Super B*wl commercials of 2020, because the popularity of seltzer dictates ad spend. Finally, it's a game of The Alternative is Wrong. A Price I$ Right ripoff to learn about the price and calorie count of CBD water, THC drinks and other alcoholic drinks.

Beer Alternatives:

Brewdog Stout AF Non-Alcoholic Near Beer

Oskar Blues Wild Basin Lime Seltzer

Flying Dog Hidden Pickle Gose

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