Steve and Adam are here to help you prep for Valentine's Day with beer! Specifically, cherry beers as we all know cherry is the second sexiest fruit. First they go through news of the week including Whitehorse and Sarris Candies pairing for a V-Day beer, Founder's is back...ish, Stoudt's is gone...ish, and irresponsible rumors about other breweries. Then they get down to the main events to prepare for the holiday of love including events across the country for couples, singles, and married folk. Lots of talk of destruction and sausages. Finally, it's the return of the Dirty Anagrammer 9000. Valentine's themed. It's all bad.


Urban Artifact Epicurean Cherries Jubilee Ale

O'Fallon's Cherry Chocolate

Duclaw PastryArchy Chocolate Cherry Bon Bon Stout

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