Nikki and Eric return from last week with very special "beers" muled from the Hoosier state. Steve and Adam get their first tastes of 450 North Slushys. In the news, Fresh Fest is ranking, Cinderlands and Brew Gentleman ranked, Luke Bryan has a beer, and Brew Dog is run by dorks, not punks. Then they get into the history of 450 North, Columbus, Indiana, and the controversy surrounding the ABVs on the Slushy series of beers. Finally, Adam and the guests tackle the 450 North Trail. Who will die on the trail all about slushies and berliner-weisses in America? Could you survive?


450 North Peach Rings Slushy XL smoothie style berliner-weisse

450 North Jungle Juice Slushy XL smoothie style berliner-weisse 

450 Berry Blaster Slushy XL smoothie style berliner-weisse 

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