Ryan from the Fueled By Hops empire returns. He talks with Adam and Steve about how his Facebook community has been affected and the future of FueledFest. They all speculate on the future of beerfests during the Reopening of America. They also lament for the breweries on the cusp of opening or had just opened before the bat flu ruined everyone's parade. Next it's Part 1 in an 8 part Ken Burns series of reviewing the new Netflix show Brew Brothers. This week is Episode 1. Some people think it's awful. Some people think it's passable. Hear everything wrong with it and the few thing(s?) right with it.


Southern Tier 3X IPA

Southern Tier Cherry Cordial Stout

Burial Tonin' the Barbarian IPA

Burial Departure from Dawn IPA

Duck Foot Coconut Contender IPA

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