Special guest Anthony from The Main Damie and They Called This A Movie podcast joins regular guest host Kelsey, plus Adam and Steve for a rousing Zoom meeting. All podcasts are zoom meetings in this new world. They talk about the fun ways to past the time with emergence of digital age drinking games including solo beer pong, zoom pong, power hours, and general gaming. Also talk of baking, Altered Genius brewing opening in the midst of quarantine, Wrestlemania and Steve has a deep cut reference. Does anyone remember WMAC Masters? Then they review Episode 3 of the Tour de Farce Netflix sitcom Brews Brothers. Last week the show was all about pee, does this week's episode have a bodily fluid theme or is it as offensive as packing peanuts? Or did it actually get good? Find out this week on Hop Nation USA.


Cape May Brewing Crushing It IPA

Dancing Gnome Bifocal Feline IPA

Saucy Uber ASAP Blood Orange IPA

D9 Brewing Whiskers on Kittens

Goose Island IPA

Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter

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