In every dark cloud, there is a silver lining or some crap. This week's silver lining to the quarantine is we were actual able to get First Sip's Dennis and Sam on the same episode for the first time... even if they've never been in a room together. Steve and Adam are also present to drink beer, and they all talk about the emergence of the virtual beerfest. The first one they've heard of is being put on by Gathering Place brewery for their 2nd Annual Lager & Friends. Then they go down a rabbit hole of discussing how to improve beerfests for a corona world. Parades, pick up trucks, uber drivers, and drink at home concerts all get involved. Then it's on to reviewing Episode 4 of Brews Brothers. Dennis has only seen this episode and Sam has seen every episode. Both come to the same conclusion. However slight improvements in the show maybe slowly eroding Steve's hardened exterior and hatred for the show. Find out more on this episode of Hop Nation USA! Sick Jamiroquai reference in the title by the way.


Butler Brew Works La Noche Triste Coffee Stout

Ever Grain Brewing Bingo Pajamas NEIPA

Collective Arts + Southern Grist All the Things Pastrystout

New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin

Free Will Brewing Garcia's Forest IPA

Hitchhiker Brewing Tiny Guavas IPA

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