Jason Cercone of BreakingBrews.com returns and finally isn't forced to talk wrestling with Adam and Steve. He is however forced to talk about Episode 5 of Brews Brothers. But first, they talk about the hot (cool? cold?) new trend in PA of alcoholic slush machines in beer distributors. The latest is a 20 tap wall at Shangy's. Then they discuss City Brew Tours pivoting their business model to include virtual beer & cheese pairings and homebrewing classes. Insurrection is getting a new taproom. Americans take their freedom for granted, again, as South Africa is plunged into chaos over total prohibition of beer and cigarette sales. Then it's time to review the fifth episode of Netflix's 20th biggest regret, Brews Brothers. Things have changed though. After 4 episodes of not even laughing once, Steve actually laughed twice at this episode...sort of. Listen now to find out what was funny.


Sixpoint Hootie Hazy IPA

El Segundo Broken Skull IPA

Eleventh Hour Dreamcannon Black & Blue Weizen

Levity Brewing Hoodlebug Brown Ale

Lawson's Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine IPA

Dogfish Head Sun Day Feels Beermosa Sour

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