Episode 159: Classico

Adam and Steve are back in the studio at it again. This week they're dropping a spotlight on RAR Brewing out of Cambridge, Maryland. First it's news stories featuring First Sip Brew Box, Couch, Abjuration, Guinness, Lavery, Yards, and Love City Brewing. Then it's focusing on the history and origins of RAR brewing, they're most popular beers, and bad Maryland geography. Finally whether you're a brewing out of ideas or someone looking to start a new brewery, Adam debuts The Reardon Method for coming up with new beer names and it's totally not Mad Libs, so don't say that.


RAR Brewing Grapefruit Nectar IPA

RAR Brewing Chopdank Imperial IPA

RAR Brewing 10 Layers Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout

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