Adam and Steve continue the new normal of one episode in the studio (one off.) This week is the return of the Mysterious Beer Fridge of Mystery. They talk about the revised PA food laws, learn what a Raines sandwich is, are confused by the Ohio voting awareness campaign "collaboration," and get fed up with Florida.  Then they talk about the greatest unsolved mysteries in beer. They're mostly truck heists, but it's wild. Finally, it's another round of Nobody Asked You where they answer beer questions from the internet nobody asked them... and one about the Seattle Kraken. There's also Alex Jones impressions. I know it doesn't seem like they have a place on a beer podcast, but it makes sense. You'll see.



Southern Tier Vanilla Whipp Milkshake IPA

Strange Roots Pineapple Upside Down Cake Ale

Saucy Brewworks Modern Crimes Coconut Porter

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