Adam and Steve are in the studio drinking beers from breweries that touch Allegheny County. Local-ish. They have news about Shiner, Aldi, and Hitchhiker. Then they do a round up of all the new breweries aposedta open up in Pittsburgh within the next year, and boy is it a lot. It's a lot without even getting into non-local, non-independent, and spaces that aren't just extensions of already existing breweries. Saturation? What saturation? Finally, Steve dives into the world of seltzer reviews on Untappd and comes up with some of the dumbest and funniest reviews, while also complaining about why people are bad at reviewing and Untappd should be shut down.


North Country Brewing Strawberry Colada Sour Series

Four Points Overbranded Mosaic DIPA

Petrucci Brothers Tears of Joy Barrel Aged Belgian Quad

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