Matt and Chadd from Breweries in PA join Steve and Adam to talk about the state of beer in Pennsylvania (booooooo) They get into adapting a website primarily based on reporting from breweries for the current Covid situation. How to still run brewery supporting events, like a scavenger hunt, and what the future of their events might look like. Then they talk about favorite Black is Beautiful beers, what breweries in PA need more love, where they would do their website if they couldn't focus on Pennsylvania, and more. Finally, it's a rousing game of is it a Minor League Baseball Team or a Beer? This game is hard. What is a Sod Poodle anyway?


11th Hour Brewing Embrace the Martian Experimental IPA

11th Hour Brewing Nocturnal Rainbow Coffee Milk Stout

Four Seasons Brewing Norwegian Lights IPA

Grist House Parrot Party Dessert Sour

Hitchhiker Brewing Point of Confusion White Stout

Lavery Brewing Pineberry Crush Sour

Spoonwood Consuming Fire Smoked Porter

St. Boniface Craft Brewing Theory and Reality IPA

Tattered Flag Brewing Flavor Guided Juice Missile IPA


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