This week Kelsey returns and takes over for cohost as Adam is in North Carolina. Steve is still here. Together they interview Aadam Soorma of Very Local PGH. He offers his insight of being a beat journalist for the city of Pittsburgh which includes everything from breweries to food trucks to coffee roasters. All of them local. He also offers his own personal experiences, stories of stumbling upon a brewery in Ohio and his bag of mixology tricks. Finally Steve rips off Adam who rips of PTI to play the game Word where they tackle subjects like Stone, Busch dog beer, Gardner Minshew and the return of beerfests.


Cinderlands Test Piece Citra IPA

Grist House Double Edged Sword DIPA

Chandeleur Island Brewing Raspberry Ginger Sour Ale

Hitchhiker Brewing Fruit Rush Blueberry Watermelon Lemonade Smoothie Sour Ale

Grist House Udderly Bananas Porter

Couch F1 Hazy IPA

Grist House Seltza Drip Strawberry + Guava Seltzer

Abjuration Brewing Vanilla Oak Belgian


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