Traveling correspondent Kelsey has brought back beers from the insane state to the south, Florida. Adam and Steve get to enjoy them. In the news, Patagonia and Dogfish Head team up to scale up Kernza malt, PIttsburgh is getting lager fests, beer is getting cheaper in Seattle, and Jeremy Clarkson is aiming for a Top Beer? Then they brainstorm what the Hop Nation trend for 2022 will be, since they still can't lager beer and get in on that trend. Finally, it's beerifying recipes for the Disney parks for fun and profit? 


Unbranded x Blaze Brewing Co Amigos? Amigos! PB&J Sour

Hidden Springs Brewing Casserollin' with The Homies Sweet Potato Sour

Florida Avenue Brewing Neopolitan Berliner Weisse

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