April Fool's is a month long now and you tuned in thinking this was a beer podcast. But it's a cidey cast. We gotcha. Adam and Steve drink cideys and talk cideys. In the news, Nine Pin 26er club is back, Tom Hanks is enjoying Pittsburgh ciders, they learn what a pommelier is, and more. Then they get into the best cider houses and places to find ciders that aren't in Pittsburgh for the travel types . . . but homerism sets in. Finally, they talk about their favorite non-booze stories of the week in Toyota Corollas and Monkey Island. No it's not 1993.  


Kelterei Krämer Bembel With Care Apfelwein Kirsche

Wyndrige Cider Co Honey Lavender

Beak & Skiff 1911 Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider



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